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We are excited to offer you the widest range of products and services from our ayurvedic products  store! Learn more about about all the benefits that you receive with your orders!

Latest equipped machinery in our plant resulting in the high efficiency in production quantity and its quality.


Kisan Udyog products are purely herbal, safe, and effective for its users.

Our main motto behind every research, behind every successful product quality, is our customer satisfaction.


We manufacture wide range of quality and utility products

Pure Organic


Premium Quality

100% Organic Effective &
Premium Quality

High Customer Demand
There is a high demand for Kisan Udyog products compared to other.

Mr. Kanthilal Bapat

Ayur-vedic Supplier

Most Valuable Product!
Kisan Udyog provides best quality products at customer affordable price.

Mr. Ankit Sharma

Tirth Medicals

Best Quality at Low Price
My customers are satisfied with the quality product in the price range.

Mr. Gajanana Patil

Gajanana Kirana Mart

Range of Products
From daily use to medicinal use at reasonalble price.

Mr. Saurabh Nath

Nath Medical & General

Selling from last 8 Years
I am selling KU products from last 8+ years. Demand is still high.

Mr.Vivek Garg M/s

VG Distributors

Best Product
No doubt, Kisan Udyog is best in its product range. I personally use it.

Mrs. Kalawati Sawant

Sawant Herbal